• Please arrive 5 minutes before class starts. For safety reasons, students will not be permitted to participate in any classes if they are more than 10 minutes late.

  • Turn cell phones off or put on silent.

  • Do not bring valuables into studio; please leave in trunk of car or at home.

  • No food, beverages, or candy allowed in studio. Bottled Water in Plastic Containers Only.

  • No one is permitted to wear shoes  in any of the Pole Rooms that may damage or scratch the poles. 

  • Always advise instructor of any injuries.

  • Do not use or attempt to operate stereo equipment.


  • All prices and services are subject to change without notification.

  • All Sales are Final , No Refunds

  • Must be 18 years of age or older to participate in any class and May not be pregnant

  • No nudity.No Men

  • We do Not tolerate Bullying of any Nature or Body Shaming. If you are suspected of doing either you will be asked to leave and not return without any refunds. 



  • No refunds all sales are final

  • It is the student's responsibility to monitor the expiration date. We will not extend the dates of any single class or class card. No exceptions.

  • Class cards and credits can NOT be shared or transferred to another student.



  • Make-up Policy: students are allowed one make up class per session Make up classes will be held following the last class of the series for 8 week class series only. 

  • No refunds on unused classes... remember you are paying a "tuition" "Membership" and not "per class."

  • OPEN POLE- is only for students who are currently enrolled in our Pole Tricks Class Series at no additional charge. 

  • Ladies who wish to open pole at Pole Waxers would be  charged $20 

  • As of April 2018 ladies enrolled into our class series who wish not to perform in recital your next tuition payment will increase from $189.99 to $235.99. No exceptions. 

  • *AS OF MARCH 2020 recital Showcase non performance Intro Rate $100 , 4 Week Trick Series $125 , 8 Week Series $250 ladies are to notify Pole Waxers at time of registration .

  • All ladiesperforming are required to bring at minimum of 2 guest who shall pay $20 cash at the door. these proceeds go back into Pole Waxers to update equiptment or replace needed items in pole rooms and to keep your prices low through out the year. Pole Waxers does not pocket proceeds. This policy is designed for Pole Waxers to offer be able to offer lower affordable class rates.


  • No refunds, All Sales are final

  • Must be preregistered to attend



  • Payment in full is required to book

  • No refunds. All Sales are final , $35 rescheduling Fee

  • No transferring of services are permitted without prior approval 



  • $100.00 non refundable/non-transferrable deposit due upon booking or $50 Booking Fee not applied to Mini Parties.

  • Remaining Balance is due in the form of exact Cash only at the Studio at the time of your event . We will not accept credit cards or checks as final payments

  • $200 cancelation fee if party is not cancelled within 30 days prior to event.\

  • Deposits are Final, No refunds. $25 Rescheduling Fee

  • You may resschedule your party  1 time within 90 days of actual booking time.

  • * Please note all party videos will be uploaded to our instagram page for you to download to your device. We do not tag you nor your guest. Unless you tell others that you are here no one will know you attended. Once it is uploaded and you wish for us to remove your video, simply call and we will do so. Please make sure you have downloaded video before you ask for it to be removed. All pics and videos  are deleated once we upload them.


  • All memberships MUST BE set up through our secure online payment system via credit card on file. When your membership is purchased it will notify you of your recurring payment date.

  • If autopay is declined you will not be permitted to participate in any classes until your balance is paid in full. Pole Waxers is under no obligation to offer any makeups classes due to a declined autopay. Declined autopays will prevent you from participating in any future payment plan options with Pole Waxers

  • Please note your membership is paying a tutition for you to attend class series.We offer a various amount of  series classes your membership is not limited to only a particular class series. 

  • If you cancel your membership , you will not be allowed to enter an on going Class series .

  • Cancelled Memberships remaining balances must be paid in full before being granted access to classes. 

  • Purchaser is still responsible for cost of the duration of membership. 

  • In the event you do not utilize the specific's in your membership you are not entitled to a refund nor a partical refund. We offer many classes to chose from.

  • You can start using your drop in classes once you purchase your memberships.

  • Drop-in cancellation policy applies to members as well.

  • You may cancel your membership with a 15 day written notice without being respoinsible for full memberhsip balance , However you will be charged an $200 Cancelation Fee.


Please make sure to check our Facebook and our Instagram page for studio closings. 


Class calendar is subject to change at any time. Instructors are subject to change at any time.


Should you become injured during any of your sessions you must notify Pole Waxers immediately and provide a written note from your physician. Your classes must be used within 30  days from the date that you notifyus  via telephone , email or text. You must have confirmation from us stating  we received you leave request. * Please see Covid policies for pandemic exceptions*

Photo/Video Policies

Pole Waxers from Time to Time uses pictures taken in class to promote classes , workshops, parties and classes and by doing this it helps keep your cost low for every day classes and series and events. If you do not wish for your picture to be taken please make sure that you inform the desk in writting at time of first classs.

To keep our prices low we often record our classes and events. These recordings are used for advertising and are shared on social media. We do not tag anyone in our photos or videos.  Recital or Showcases are also filmed and may at times be made available for digital download at a reasonable price in the event a live Showcase is not hosted. 


No one wil be allowed to enter a class or attend a class for a period of 14 days if they have been exposed to Covid or who has Traveled ot of Georia 30 Days prior to registration. Mask are not mandated at this time , please note this can change at any time.. Participating in class with a mask is at this time a personal choice. All ladies entering Pole Waxers  , first  shall wash hands before enterting a Pole Room. All ladiess shall bring her own Pole Rag to wipe down her Pole. We will provide  99% alcohol to apply to washcloth. 

If anyone becomes sick to Covid while enrolled in a class or series, they are to notify Pole Waxers at 404-484-2763 via Phone call or text &  may not attend class . Once a Negative Covid Test is Shown  to Pole Waxers is when Client can finish her classes . Making payment for classes, deposites or booking fee's or  Clients  attending any  class or parties agree to hold Pole Waxers Class partipants, teachers , coaches & owners harmless from any and all  illnesses that might potentially arise from Covid. 

©2007. Pole Waxers University