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Now Offering Affordable Memberships

Find one that works for you

  • Mini Membership

    +$29.99 One time set up fee
    For ladies wanting to grow in their pole journey & can't commit to a year
    Valid for 6 months
    • Each 8 week series $150
    • 2 private sessions at $30 each
    • Splits Program only $125
    • Conditioning Program is only $225 each
    • Your First Series after joining is FREE.
    • You can take as many series as you want within your 6 month

Terms of Memberships: Your membership automatically self renews. FAILURE to read terms below on page or on on Terms page does not relinquish you from terms of memeberships. If you do not agree to our terms do not purchase .

Terms of Memberships: 

Each Membership has different set lengths of durations. 

Your credit card that you enter at time of signing up for the membership will be billed in 30 day increments. 

In the event that your card is denied or you cancel your plan you will be charged the remaining balance of the Full membership. 

You will not be allowed to enter class until balances are paid in full. 

Pole Waxers will not allow you to make up a  missed class due to payment being denied. 

Pole Waxers reserves the rights to allow you to enter into another membership if canceled or Payment fails. 

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