School of Pole Tricks

We offer an Aggressive but Fun approach to our Pole Tricks Class Series.

Our Pole Tricks Series consist of 10 levels. Starting at Level 1 for the Absolute beginner.   

Pole Waxers University was the First Pole Dance Studio in Georgia to offer a Strictly Pole Tricks Class Series. 


Our Talented and Skilled Instructors Have over a combined 35 years of experience,

We will be teaching you how to properly ​execute Pole Tricks from Beginners to Advanced Pole Moves as well as incorporating those moves into Pole Combinations. 

  • Class sizes are limited

  • We offer Smaller Class Sizes in a Tricks Series to give you more 1 on 1 personal time with your instructor

  • No one shares a dance pole in a series

If our schedule does not co-inside with your schedule you can always schedule a private session with our or private series. Please see information below. 

You could be doing just what these ladies are doing in video's shown.

You have to start somewhere , so why not at Pole Waxers? 


Check out our registrations available for our Pole Tricks Class series

on our Scheduling page.

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Text 404-484-2763 to be placed on a waiting list and Include your email address.

New   My Pole Intro Series

Register   for Beginners Level 1 Pole Tricks

Beginner 1 0n 1 Private Sessions


Are you a Beginner in learning how to Do Pole Tricks? Do you work in a Club and need to learn your Pole Tricks to get a leg up in game? Or are you just simply wishing to learn how to do them but just can't seem to find the time with our class schedules? 

Here is your solution. 

Schedule a Private 1 on 1 Private session with us. 

Each Session is  by the hour.

 or you can purchase 4 sessions that is equivalent to our Level 1 Pole Tricks, the difference is you select on the times we have available and get private instruction instead of being in a class with other ladies. 


  • 1 hour session: $55

  • 4- 1 hour sessions: $175

  • 4 Open Pole practice sessions are included with the 4 - 1 hour sessions purchase.

Intermediate 1 on 1 Private Sessions
Our Intermediate Private 1 on 1's are for 1 hour each session and we require you to test out first at no charge. This way we can evaluate you to see what exactly your skill level is and pair you up the appropriate Instructor. 
All 1 on 1 Sessions are for 1 hour and go by our Intermediate Class Curriculum.
  • 1 hour Sessions: $65
  • 4 - 1 hour Sessions: $200
  • Compete 8 Week Series $ 300
( 4 Free Open Pole Practice Session are Included when you purchase a Block of 4 private sessions )
( 8  Free Open Pole Practice Sessions  are included when you Purchase the complete  8weeks.  )