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Pole Journey 

Register for Our New Students My Pole Intro Series or Beginners Pole Tricks Series

My Pole Intro 4 Week Class Series $85

Intro to Beginners Pole Tricks
4 Week Class Series

Stripper 101 Beginners
4 Week Class Series
* Must have take Intro to Pole Tricks prior to registering for this series.

2 Open Pole Practice sessions per week are included in class price

Welcome to Pole Waxers

For Ladies just starting Out in Pole  Dance or Wanting to learn Tricks, we have a few different options for you. 

Option 1.

Register for the My Pole Intro 4 Week Class Series to get a real feel of How to Pole Dance  and not worrying about looking like a Dork in a Drop in Class.

You will learn the mechanics of how everything works with your body on the pole and how to use your momentum to get around the pole. This is a Dance Based Series No Tricks except for basic climb & sit. 

Option 2. 

If you are the adventurous type who loves Instant Gratification, Then you will Want to sign up for our Beginners Intro to Pole Tricks 4 Week Class Series and Be upside down by the end of your series. No prior experience required. Ladies do not have to take the My Pole Intro Class first to attend this class. This is a Trick based series, No Dance. No Experience Required.

Option 3. 

After you have completed the Intro to Pole Tricks, If you are Interested in becoming a Dancer in one of Atlanta's Gentlemen's clubs or just wanna learn to dance like one. This Beginners 4 Week Series of Stripper 101 is right for you.  Must wear a true Stripper  shoe in class with straps around the ankles or Stripper boots by either the Pleaser Brand or Ellie. ( NO Exceptions ) 

This Class Series is teaches you Atlanta Strip Club Style Dancing and Beginners  Club Tricks and Includes Twerk. Effective Jan 2022 You must have successfully completed Intro To Pole Tricks before registering for this class series.

**  You can take any one or all 3 of these beginners Classes as many times as you wish **

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