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Workshops with Anna Kia Poles
" Itsbaelienbish "

As seen in &  performing along side Usher, Summer Walker, Ludacris, Young Doll, Vogue and Buzzfeed.  

We are happy to announce  " Itsbaelienbish " will be having 2 workshops with us at Pole Waxers in Marietta on March 23rd.  

Each workshop is 90 minutes in length at $90 each . No one will be sharing a dance pole in her workshops. Class size will be limited.  

March 23rd


1 p.m.  90 min workshop

Don't miss your chance to take a signature workshop from Anna Kia Poles a.k.a. Itsbaelienbish..


Celestial Pathways: Transitions (NEW)

Recommendation: Wearing easily removable layers, leggings or thigh high sock (to slide on the floor). Heels are recommended but not required.

Level: Beginner – Intermediate  90 MIN

This workshop was created with fluidity and creative transitions in mind, to help build a seamless connection between the lower third of the pole and your basework. Pathways is heavy focused on thread throughs, weight shifts, pirouettes, direction changes & base inversions. Our leg sweeps and toe box pivots will develop more connected movement and seamless low flow transitions.  Explore new and/ or reimagined low flow transitions while maintaining lightness & grace within your movement. The workshop will teach several short sequences of movement to stir your own creativity as you deepen your understanding of the pathways that connect your flow.




In the notes section , You must enter your cell and workshop name. 

All payments are final. 

Ladies who register for this workshop will also rec'v a coupon for $15 off her next class series with us. May not be used with any other offers promotions , workshops or memberships

SuperNova Tricks & Techniques 2.0 (New)

3 p.m  90 Minutes $90

Adv beg- Advanced (Must feel comfortable being upside down, I will create levels and alternatives) 

In this workshop we will play with various inverted positions/poses such as pole assisted handstand, shoulder mount, side level and signature power moves to develop creative combos on spin. 

Learn the prep and safe practices of these movements as well as safe creative entrances and exits. This is a full-bodied workshop to add wow factors to your aerial sequences.

Invert variations will be created in advance for every level as well as progressions that can be added at your pace and current level.


Class size limited. 

All sales are final. 

Payment must be sent using Cashapp or Zelle

In the notes section you must enter your cell number and which workshop you are attending. 

Ladies who register for this workshop will also rec'v $15 off her next series with us. May not be used with any other offers, promotions, workshops or memberships. 

Cashapp: $Polewaxers

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