100% Made in the U.S.A 

Available for Local Pick Up ONLY

Durable Sage and Affordable

We have been manufacturing dance poles since 2004 

Custom Dance pole will fit ceilings of 9 to 91/2 Feet in Height

Customer must measure from ceiling stud to floor for accurate height. 

 We can not add metal back to a dance pole once it has been cut but we can always cut it down. 


All dance poles are made with metal no plastic pieces are ever used. 

Weight limits? None on Stationary or Stationary Spinning

Removable Dance Poles ? 350 lbs





Dance pole currently available in Black Only 


How long does it take to Install? 

1st time installing usually takes about 10-15 minutes

after that no more than 1 song length.


Dance pole must be installed on a ceiling stud, NOT TO A DROP CEILING OR A CEILING SPACE WITHOUT A CEILING STUD



Removable Static Dance Pole 9 to 91/2 Ft

Color: Black
  • What you need to install: 

    A Stud Finder

    A Level 

    A Wrench

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