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  1.  Wash Cloth to wipe your pole , 

  2. Bottled Water

  3. Shorts to change into 

  4. Go barefooted in a Pole Series Class & sneakers , barefooted or heels with straps around the ankles that are a true pole dance heel.

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  1. No Spectators

  2. No extra bags or purses

  3. No alcohol 

  4. No lotions or Oils prior to arrival

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My Pole Intro

Never Pole Danced Before ? Want to look like you know what your doing instead of looking like a deer in headlights around a pole? 

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Pole Tricks Series

Looking for something more than just a drop in classs or a Newbie's class?  You can also start here with no prior experiecne required.

Yes  We are Open tonight for Girls Night


Saturday Night

Girls Saturday Night out 

on the Pole. 

Drop in Class

( Selected Saturday Nights ) 


Stripper Style

Wanting to get some game before you audition in Atlanta ? Or maybe you just like the style? Sign up for our Beginners Series.