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  1.  Wash Cloth to wipe your pole , 

  2. Bottled Water

  3. Shorts to change into 

  4. Go barefooted in a Pole Series Class & sneakers , barefooted or heels with straps around the ankles that are a true pole dance heel.

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  1. No Spectators

  2. No extra bags or purses

  3. No alcohol 

  4. No lotions or Oils prior to arrival

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My Pole Intro for Absolute Beginners


My Pole Intro for Absolute Beginners. 4 Week Pole dance Series .

Class has been designed for ladies to who are curious about the Art of Pole Dancing & have never been on a dance Pole. This series is to make you feel comfortable in an all new atmosphere and bringing our your Inner Sexy. You will be learning Pole Safety, Proper hand positioning, Pole Spins, a Pole Climb , Beginners Pole dance transitions and how your moves around a dance pole. The end of your 4 weeks you will have a sexy routine to show off to whom ever you wish. No prior experience is required. You may go barefooted, wear sneakers or heels with straps around the ankles. Shorts and T-shirt. 

Class meets once a week for 1 hour for 4 weeks. This Class sells out fast. 

Pole Tricks Class Series


Pole Waxers is a Trick Based Studio. Meaning each one of our Pole Tricks Class Series 1 through 10 is strictly Tricks. We offer smaller classes where no one shares a dance pole which will give you more personal 1 on 1 attention with your instructor.  Each level you must test out of in order to advance to the next level. Our Instructors  have a passion for pole and a passion to seeing each one of their students succeed. Beginners Level 1 is for 4 Weeks, Levels 2 through 10 are 8 weeks each. All ladies who are registered in any of our class series gets to attend FREE open pole sessions each week to practice the moves they were taught each week in class. No experience is required to register for Beginners Level 1 Pole Tricks Series. 

Stripper Style Pole Dance and Tricks


If you Plan on working or thinking of working in a Club in Atlanta, or just love the " Stripper "

style of Pole Dancing , this is the series to start with. Class Meets once a week for an hour , plus free open pole practice sessions twice a week. No experience is required to attend this series. This series covers the basic's of Twerk,

( Which of course any entertainer will need to know how to do ).

Cool pole tricks for dancerls, Pole Climbs, Pole Transitions, low inverts and moves that will get your audience attention to bring home that bag. Heels are required for this series and knee pads are suggested.  Class size is limited to only 1 person per pole.  Must pre-register  online to attend .

New 4 Week Class Series Alert for October

Description: Flow. Passion. Technique. Energy. Learn it all in this Russian Exotic style series. In this 4 week program, we will add new dynamic and flowing moves to your repertoire, help you develop your heel technique, and get you flowing into the magic of your own unique energy with beautiful and dope choreography. This class is all levels (but not for absolute beginners). Participants should be comfortable with basic spins and turns. Knee pads and heels required, No Exceptions !

Girls Saturday Night Out on the Pole Drop in Class

Selected Saturday Nights at Pole Waxers, You and your friends can attend a drop in 

Girls Night Out on the Pole Beginners pole dance class without any weekly commitments.  There is more to do in Marietta than you thought. Check out all the fun you can have. 


90 minute Twerkshop for you ladies who are struggling to get that booty moving.

Workshop will cover the basic's of Clapping, Headstand Claps, Left cheek right cheek assolations and more. Knee pads are suggested. Must pre-register on line to attend