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ladies , we are now entering phase 2 of our 3 phase  Covid-19 Reopening plan. 

Please take a few minutes to read. 

It is not mandated that you wear a mask, If you feel more comfortable or safe wearing one by all means please do so. 

If you have been exposed to someone who has Covid or Taking care of someone who has Covid we ask that you do not attend our classes until a full 2 weeks has past that you have self isolated. 

Please bring your own Pole Rag with and bottled water . We will not be providing  these items until Phase 3 for you. We will however be providing alcohol for your pole rag. 

Please keep all additional items such as purses or bags i n the trunk of your car we will not be providing lockers at this time. 


All ladies who are attending a drop in class  must pre-register onine to attend. We will not be accepting walk ins at this time

We are still of course hosting our private pole parties . Because this your event as usual you will have the entire studio to yourself . However the rules change for parties. For groups of over 6 ladies , While you are on the Pole you are not required to wear a mask. However when waiting for your turn and in the lounge or anytime there is a break taken you must wear a mask. 

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